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Don’t Worry, Austin, You’re Still Weird

A delayed post, but look at the record. Last post was nigh in the Bush years.

Enjoyed the Austin Film Festival, and reveled in the strangest place I’ve ever visited (besides the PA Mystery Spot, when I was 6, and which I hope to return to once I’ve assembled the proper team of investigators and tax assessors).

Seriously, next to the fauxgeoisie circus of Asheville, Austin is a place that gives you the feeling that you should move there; right now. Or, alternatively, it screams “Get The Hell OUT!”

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten caught up in watching Fringe, and it seems as though the two universes, -let’s call them Red and Blue,- are crashing into one another…

Or maybe it’s because I was torn between attending the Film Festival and doing my best (though not nearly good enough) Mr. Congeniality routine; while also putting in appearances at Phil Anselmo’s Grindcore Festival. It was a blast that I was able to enjoy nearly non-stop, thanks in large part to my night shift work schedule.

I got to hear from a lot of industry people. AND I got to watch Suspiria, while the Italian Prog-rock geniuses Goblin played a live rendition of their soundtrack. Winning all around.

But Austin’s weirdness comes out not only in the fact that it is the state capital of (well, what adjective really stands up to the weight of) Texas, yet is filled to brimming with such a range of ideologies. The range itself is the key. It’s not that it’s just a liberal bastion, like Raleigh-Durham. And it’s not due to the fact that I and my hotel-mates from Repulsion nearly got trapped their after missing our flights out.

There’s an amazing amount of inter-activity. And I’ll use the hyphen because I just woke up. The people I know there, and the people that were, like me, just visiting, all give a sense of novelty and ingenuity. The fact that I am deep in a depression, now over just how little ingenuity I’ve applied to the last ten years is certainly a deciding factor in that description.

Here’s a parable. And I’m thinking in these terms because I also got to attend a screening of Robert Downey Sr.’s GREASER’S PALACE, which, like Austin, is lingering. An introvert, living in Hollywood, goes to Austin with several intentions, but the clearest, perhaps is to get some good barbecue. What he finds is the largest piece of fried fish (which was a half order!) ever enjoyed in a pub.

What do I think of Austin? A lot of things.

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I was THIS CLOSE to Tumblr and just dumping this whole thing.

The thing is- I don’t have the focus, yet, for this type of writing. That may come. In fact I plan to have it within three years. But it ain’t here, yet.

But I figure I can make the best of this.

Here’s a couple things I’ve wanted to Blast email to all my friends.



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Words from an old America

I watched most of the Inauguration activities online today. And there is only one thing to say: Thank heavens for C-Span, again. Following the edict of silent film auteurism, C-Span (blissfully) shows, and does not TELL.

The 90 seconds (!) of MSNBC I withstood, while in a Starbucks was enough to make me want to go vote again. This is (paraphrased, but how can one tell?) Chris Matthews, commenting on the chilly weather in DC:
“Well, if people waited 400 years for this day, they can stand to wait a couple hours in the cold.”

Good God! But that was light, it turned out. And I have developed enough “city-stare” to not let the disgust show. Moments (!) later, Olbermann stepped to the plate. Commenting on the size of the crowd, and the distance from any clear visibility of the swearing-in (again, paraphrasing):

“They’re beyond 600 yards. . . How close do you have to be before the president looks like a raisin?”


Do all presidents look like raisins? Did Reagan? REALLY?

Of course, I dont think either of these guys knew, or had any critical filter working on their words. The problem is they are being paid to be just that: Un-filtered, un-critical monologues. Why? Why do they have to be droning on?

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Day Waster

I’m jumping on board this e-ship. Just about every blog I read has pointed to this with the same warning: Prepare to Have Your Day Wasted.

LIFE Magazine‘s collection of images, – including the shots on photographer’s rolls never published- are now available on Google.

As Gruber points out, this is Google (and the internet) at it’s best.

Of course, the first thing I did was to search for Gunhild Larking, Swedish High Jumper, whose picture, taken by George Silk at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, has always been a show stopper. True to it’s billing, the Google archive has most of Silk’s other shots on that roll (only one is of her actually in her event).
This is the picture as it appeared in the magazine.

This is something found in the archive:

Yeah… anyway. Prepare to lose your day.

Here’s another example of the gems you’ll find:

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“Power concedes nothing without a demand.”

-Frederick Douglass
This is a ramble.

I wanted to put in the Youtube video of the infomercial, here. There’s a moment, in the first part, when Obama is listening to a guy who had his pension sliced (are you listening, Pennsy?). Obama says “You earned your pension…” And the guy is just flabbergasted, and can only say, over and over, “Thank you.”

But instead, this might be the most smile inducing clip of the campaign, for me.

This says plenty.

Here’s the Scoreboard.

and some art. I always liked the Poster for the 1924 Olympics, learned from Chariots of Fire.

Andrio Abero

Andrio Abero

And, on the subject of Chariots of Fire, and keeping up the fight.

Bring me my Bow of burning gold;
Bring me my Arrows of desire:
Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold:
Bring me my Chariot of fire!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,
Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
Till we have built Jerusalem,
In England’s green & pleasant Land.

Pennsylvania, I’m looking at you. You gave up your first chance at greatness dragging your feet and letting Delaware sign the Constitution first.

Don’t let it happen, again. Let us unite the Commonwealths.

Kentucky will have to sit it out.

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